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The longest step. On the need not to jettison (in the name of vacuons modernism) theories of mathematics education that explain real classroom situations in a perfect way. (II passo più lungo. Sulla necessità di non buttare a mare (in nome di un vacuo modernismo) teorie di didattica della matematica che spiegano, in maniera perfetta, situazioni d’aula reali.) (Italian. English summary)
Boll. Docenti Mat. 66, 43-51 (2013).
Summary: At some research institutes and among some researchers there is an attitude of scrapping of old theories that, despite being perfectly able to answer research questions, are only guilty of being dated. But the most recent theories do not always have emerged to respond to the same research questions of the previous ones, and therefore they do not incorporate and do not replace them, but simply supplement them. We believe that a modernism that is an end in itself harms the skills in mathematics education of future generations of researchers and users (such as, for example, teachers).
Classification: D20
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