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On some D in mathematics education: designation, denotation, description, definition, demonstration. Mathematical and didactical reflections for take away. (Su alcune D in didattica della matematica: designazione, denotazione, denominazione, descrizione, definizione, dimostrazione. Riflessioni matematiche e didattiche che possono portare lontano.) (Italian. English summary)
Boll. Docenti Mat. 64, 33-45 (2012).
Summary: In the habitual classroom actions there are delicate moments to which one doesn’t pay attention due to a lack of competence; for example, one doesn’t pay attention to the actions of designation or denotation (and connotation), denomination and description; while operations of definition and demonstration are much more kept under observation. In this short text, we want to draw attention on all these mathematical moments of great significance.
Classification: D20 C70 D30
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