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An experimental study of the effects of stereotype threat and stereotype lift on men and women’s performance in mathematics. (English)
J. Exp. Educ. (Philadelphia) 80, No. 2, 137-149 (2012).
Summary: In this study the authors examined the differential effects of stereotype threat and lift between genders on math test performance. They asked 3 questions: (a) What is the effect of gender on math test performance?, (b) What is the effect of stereotyping condition (threat, lift, or neither) on math test performance?, and (c) What is the effect of the interaction of gender and stereotyping condition on math test performance? Findings indicated that men performed better on math tests under conditions of stereotype threat than on stereotype lift; women performed better under stereotype lift than on stereotype threat. Practical applications are discussed regarding math test anxiety, social identities, and how teachers might address gender differences regarding stereotype threat and stereotype lift.
Classification: C60 C30 C20
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