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Mathematics competitions and gender issues: a case of the Virtual Marathon. (English)
Math. Compet. 26, No. 1, 23-40 (2013).
From the introduction: In today’s technologically enhanced world mathematics competitions become available to more students who are interested in challenging tasks. In this paper we look at gender-related issues pertinent to participation in the Virtual Mathematical Marathon over two years. Our study concentrates on the following questions: what were boys’ and girls’ participation patterns and how successful were they in online problem-solving competition. The Virtual Mathematical Marathon is an online competition open to everybody who is interested in solving challenging problems over a long period of time. As an extension of the virtual interactive learning community CAMI (Chantier d’Apprentissages Mathématiques Interactifs), the Marathon provides grade 3‒9 students with challenging mathematical problems. Besides CAMI’s regular problem of the week activity that was conducted over the school year, we developed a long-term summer competition for young students who may have interest in solving more challenging tasks in a form of competition. A new section became available in summer 2008 and sine that time, four summer rounds have been organized.
Classification: B62 B63 C62 C63 C22 C23 U42 U43
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