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Future teachers’ perceptions of their mathematics education programm. (English)
Anthony, Glenda (ed.) et al., Teachers of mathematics: recruitment and retention, professional development and identity. Papers based on the presentations at the 10th international congress on mathematical education (ICME 10), Copenhagen, Denmark, July 4‒11, 2004. Linköping: Svensk Förening för MatematikDidaktisk Forskning (ISBN 978-91-973934-7-8/pbk). Skrifter vrån Svensk Förening för MatematikDidaktisk Forskning (SMDF) 8, 157-166 (2010).
Summary: On the basis of the analysis of classroom lessons, individual interviews were constructed with the intention to probe in detail the rationales and background influences that underpin the teaching actions of future secondary level mathematics teachers. This report, underlines the varied perceptions of future mathematics teachers of their teacher education program. This variety of perspective presents and opens a range of issues in regard to the structure, the development, and the possible objectives of mathematics teacher education programs. The problematic of fixed objectives will be discussed in relation to the concept of ‘objectives to attain’ versus ‘objectives to work on’.
Classification: B50 C29
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