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Embedding mathematics in the elementary teacher education curriculum network. (English)
Philos. Math. Educ. J. 25, Special Issue: Critical Mathematics Education, 50 p., electronic only (2010).
Summary: This paper is based on ethnographic research approached with a view of mathematics teacher education as embedded within the teacher education program on the whole. I describe preservice elementary teachers’ contextualizations of mathematics in the program as well as their place-based characterizations of the value and (ir-)relevance of coursework and fieldwork to teaching. Drawing on these results, I speculate that popular NCTM standards-based reform visions, and related standards-based approaches in other disciplines, may produce divisions between philosophy and practice that sometimes function in an unacceptable way to sort and rank schools. I introduce and suggest the need for a mathematics education in the public interest that critically analyzes pressing social, political, and economic issues. Finally, I raise challenges to popular approaches and assumptions of mathematics teacher education research and suggest that a networks-based research approach may be one possible avenue for critically examining mainstream approaches toward, and implications of, mathematics teacher education.
Classification: B50 A40 D39 C69 B79
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