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From theory to practice and back again. Communication issues in the mathematical classroom. (English)
Grevholm, Barbro (ed.) et al., Nordic research in didactics of mathematics: past, present and future. Oslo: Cappelen Damm Akademisk (ISBN 978-82-02-39348-9/pbk). 130-147 (2013).
Summary: This article is concerned with the professional development of mathematics teachers. It starts with a need, identifies a problem, and suggests some ways of coping with the problem. The need includes teachers’ mathematical communication and reflection skills in their practice and some tools for analysing their practice on a more conceptual level. Through a method called meta-didactical transposition, I describe how an idea from the research literature, the virtual monologue, has been transposed from a tool for researchers to a tool for teachers. In a workshop activity, the participants were presented with an authentic mathematical communication, collected among the participating teachers, and the task was to create virtual monologues for these communications. The article focuses on an exercise in interpretation from a first-order and a second-order perspective of a simple classroom story ‒ the taxi-cab scenario ‒ as told by the classroom teacher.
Classification: B50 D20 C70 C50
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