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Algorithms and problem-solving lab. (English)
Math. Compet. 25, No. 2, 40-46 (2012).
From the introduction: {\it G. Pólya}’s [How to solve it. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press (1985; ME 1990j.01910)] after decades is still a classic and proper reference in problem solving, but in the information era which through cloud computing and social networks we are connected anytime, anywhere, what improvement could be done in problem solving methodology and skills? We intend to introduce a new system such as “How to iSolve it!" iSolve is a reference system for developing problem-solving skills over a competitive social network. In this paper, we introduce the iSolve system and some pilot results will be discussed.
Classification: R20 D50 R40 R50 N80 U70
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