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Maths for economics. 3rd ed. (English)
Oxford: Oxford University Press (ISBN 978-0-19-960212-4/pbk). xxiv, 674~p. (2012).
As the title suggests, this is not a book for mathematicians. Nevertheless, it provides a solid and sufficiently precise foundation of mathematical tools (mainly from calculus, linear algebra, discrete mathematics and optimization) which are useful (actually, indispensable) for economics and finance. The book consists of five parts with the following headings: 1. Foundations; 2. Optimization (one variable); 3. Mathematics of finance; 4. Optimization (several variables); 5. Further topics. More on contents and style may be found in the publisher’s description of [Maths for economics. 2nd ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press (2009; Zbl 1232.91003)].
Reviewer: Jürgen Appell (Würzburg)
Classification: M45
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