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Do you need a PhD to teach K-8 mathematics in ways respected by the mathematics education community? (English)
Math. Educ. (Athens) 14, No. 1, 2-7 (2004).
From the Introduction: In working through this question both with the graduate students with whom I work and in preparation for this editorial, I have developed some ideas both about researcher-teachers as a ’special’ group and about why having a PhD might matter. Based on my thoughts I would like to propose two conjectures about researcher-teacher efforts. First, I conjecture that we should consider the way we think about researcher-teachers versus research on/with teachers. Second, I propose that certain features of PhD programs can be applied to teacher professional development and/or undergraduate education to support all teachers in creating richer mathematics learning experiences for their students. This editorial explores these two conjectures in more detail.
Classification: D20 B50
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