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Mathematically gifted students in inclusive settings. An Example of New Brunswick, Canada. (English)
Sriraman, Bharath (ed.) et al., The elements of creativity and giftedness in mathematics. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers (ISBN 978-94-6091-437-9/pbk; 978-94-6091-438-6/hbk, 978-94-6091-439-3/ebook). Advances in Creativity and Giftedness 1, 161-171 (2011).
From the introduction: In many countries including Canada, an inclusive view of mathematics education aims to reach all students in mathematics classroom allowing everybody to make progress at her own pace. When we say ‘all students’, this also includes the gifted ones. Or, research shows that an appropriate mathematical provision for the most able students is still an unsolved task.
Classification: C90 C40 D30 D40
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