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Creating a framework of a resource-based e-learning environment for science learning in primary classrooms. (English)
Technol. Pedagog. Educ. 21, No. 3, 317-335 (2012).
Summary: Advancements in information and communications technology and the rapid expansion of the Internet have changed the nature and the mode of the presentation and delivery of teaching and learning resources. This paper discusses the results of a study aimed at investigating how five teachers planned to integrate online resources in their teaching of science topics in the primary curriculum. Based on the findings obtained from the content analysis of the teaching designs created by the participating teachers, and insights gained from the pre- and post-lesson implementation interviews with them, a resource-based e-learning environments (RBeLEs) framework is proposed as an outcome which could be of reference as a planning tool for teachers who wish to integrate the Internet into their classroom teaching.
Classification: R50 R30 U60 U50
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