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Application of a hypothesis test to discover factors that enable success in the implementation of an information system. (Aplicación de un contraste de hipótesis para descubrir los factores que posibilitan el éxito en la implantación de un sistema de información.) (Spanish. English summary)
Bol., Soc. “Puig Adam" Profr. Mat., No. 78, 63-78 (2008).
Summary: This work shows an application of statistical tests in order to decide which enterprise factors make an information system successful. The information system chosen is a datawarehouse. Datawarehouse systems have improved during the last years and they have become a powerful tool for decision faking. Therefore, enterprises’ benefits can increase if the implementations have been performed properly. Implementation factors belong to different classes and there are several theoretical models which show relations among them. The following models: descriptive statistics (to extract and analyze information), statistical modelization (to discover correlations between factors) and statistical inference (to test hypotheses) have been applied to test if relations within the system hold. Valuable information about the key factors that facilitate the successful implementation of a datawarehouse is obtained this way.
Classification: K70 K90 M40 M50 K40
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