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The heart of mathematics. An invitation to effective thinking, instructor videos. DVD. (English)
Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley \& Sons (ISBN 978-0-470-41243-5/dvd). DVD. (2013).
Publisher’s description: This book ‒ now in its second edition ‒ succeeds at reaching non-math, non-science-oriented readers and encourages them to discover the mathematics inherent in the world around them. Infused throughout with the authors’ humor and enthusiasm, The heart of mathematics introduces readers to the most important and interesting ideas in mathematics while inspiring them to actively engage in mathematical thinking. See the reviews of the first and second editions of the textbook in [Zbl 0955.00001; Zbl 1065.00001; ME 2001c.01903; ME 2006e.02774].
Classification: D50 E10 C30 M10
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