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Writing math research papers. A guide for students and instructors. (English)
Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing (IAP) (ISBN 978-1-62396-239-5/pbk; 978-1-62396-240-1/ebook). 256~p. (2013).
Publisher’s description: Mathematics research papers provide a forum for all mathematics enthusiasts to exercise their mathematical experience, expertise and excitement. The research paper process epitomizes the differentiation of instruction, as each student chooses their own topic and extends it as far as their desire takes them. The features and benefits of the research paper process offer a natural alignment with all eight common core state standards for mathematical practice. This book serves both as a text for students and as a resource for instructors and administrators. It systematically describes the steps involved in creating a mathematics research paper and an oral presentation. The chapters offer tips on technical writing, formatting, and preparing visual aids. For instructors and administrators, the book covers the logistics necessary in setting up a mathematics research program in a high school setting. This program received the 1997 Chevron Best Practices in Education Award as the premier high school mathematics course in the United States.
Classification: D44 D54
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