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The mathematics teacher educator as a developing professional. (English)
The International Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education 4. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers (ISBN 978-90-8790-550-7/pbk; 978-90-8790-551-4/hbk). 372~p. (2008).
Publisher’s description: Volume 4 of this handbook has the title The mathematics teacher educator as a developing professional. The volume seeks to complement the other three volumes by focusing on knowledge and roles of teacher educators working with teachers in teacher education processes and practices. In this respect it is unique. Chapter authors represent a community of teacher educators world wide who can speak from practical, professional and theoretical viewpoints about what it means to promote teacher education practice. The volume is in 3 main sections. In the first we focus on Challenges to and theory in mathematics teacher education. Here authors write from perspectives of theory and/or challenge and relate this to examples and insights from their practice. The second section, Reflection on developing as a mathematics teacher educator has four autobiographical chapters in which authors delineate their experiences as teacher educators and relate these to theoretical and/or moral standpoints. In Section 3, Working with prospective and practising teachers: what we learn; what we come to know, authors write from perspectives on practice ‒ in many cases, the practices in which they themselves have engaged ‒ and relate this to theoretical perspectives and rationales for teacher education programmes. The volume also has an introductory chapter in which the purpose and content of the volume is set out, and a final chapter that syntheses themes and issues from the chapters as a whole, offering an overview of the field and suggesting future directions. The articles of this volume will not be indexed individually.
Classification: A60 B50
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