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Supporting inquiry skills through mathematical competition B-Day. (English)
Billich, Martin (ed.), Mathematica IV. Proceedings of the Polish-Czech-Slovak mathematical conference, Catholic University Ružomberok, Spišská Kapitula, Slovakia, June 5‒8, 2012. Ružomberok: Verbum, Catholic University in Ružomberok Press (ISBN 978-80-8084-954-2/pbk). Scientific Issues, 159-164 (2012).
Summary: The article describes the possibilities of the development of inquiry skills of secondary school students during preparing and participating in the mathematical competition B-Day. During the competition, teams of three or four secondary school students work on open-ended tasks that require students’ investigation and an original approach to the problem. The competition is not only about finding the winner, but it is suitable for identifying the level of students’ inquiry skills.
Classification: D54 U44
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