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Does project work suit all pupils? (English)
Math. Teach. (Derby), No. 230, 23-24 (2012).
Summary: Project work is far from being a new phenomenon in the mathematics curriculum. Students reporting their findings of the project in a scrapbook format may be a novel approach. Asking learners to assess their effort rating is unusual self-assessment. But, there is far more detail in this account of project work. Grouping learners by mindset type is suggested as a result of detailed examination of students and their performance. Here, project work is shown to have made a significant contribution to learning in mathematics for many students, and improved performance. As ever, there is no suggestion of a panacea, but project work, as part of the classroom blend, can undoubtedly engage and motivate students, and provide teachers with a useful assessment tool. (ERIC)
Classification: D40 C20 C30 D60 D20
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