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What do the pupils think? (English)
Math. Teach. (Derby) 231, 17-19 (2012).
Summary: What pupils think about mathematics often features in discussion between mathematics educators. But, how often is “what learners think about their mathematics lessons" a feature of enquiry? It could be a “high risk" strategy to garner honest comment that relates to the “classroom experience". Notions of “risk" apart, the process of collecting data that is consistent learner to learner has a complexity that might be daunting to a potential researcher. This piece describes one attempt to “consult" pupils on their mathematics lessons. What features might figure large in the responses? Maybe comments relating to disaffection with the subject, boredom, excitement, what might be on your list? The results delve into emotions, perceptions, and much more that suggests this approach is essential to develop classroom practice. (ERIC)
Classification: C20 C70
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