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High school students’ goals for working together in mathematics class: mediating the practical rationality of studenting. (English)
Math. Think. Learn. 15, No. 1, 24-57 (2013).
Summary: In this article the author explores high school students’ perspectives on working together in a mathematics class in which they spent a significant amount of time solving problems in small groups. The data included viewing session interviews with eight students in the class, where each student watched video clips of their own participation, explaining and justifying their behaviors. Analysis of data involved an investigation of students’ “goals for working together, which were found to vary along multiple dimensions. The dimensions that emerged from these data were mathematical versus nonmathematical goals, individual versus group goals, and personal versus normative goals. The author presents cases of four individual students to illustrate these dimensions. Such goals are important for illuminating how students’ “practical rationality" is mediated by their personal goals for working together; additionally, these goal dimensions can be used as tools for considering challenges involved with using small group collaboration in high school classes where students’ goals may be diverse.
Classification: C74 C64 D44
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