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A comparison analysis of the statistical sections between in the Korean elementary mathematics textbooks and the MiC textbooks. (Korean. English summary)
J. Korean Soc. Math. Educ., Ser. C, Educ. Prim. Sch. 15, No. 1, 41-52 (2012).
Summary: The Korean mathematics textbooks according to the 2007 revised mathematics curriculum and the MiC textbooks are similar in the way they introduce mathematical materials in real life situations and are composed in such a way that requires students to form their own mathematical concepts. However the MiC textbooks are focused more on situation-centered problems and context-centered problems where a set of procedures need to be followed in order to arrive at an answer. So, this paper aims at comparing the units of statistics in Korean mathematics textbooks and MiC textbooks in order to find implications for writing textbooks. By comparing the specific content and the used methods, the author found that Korean textbooks are focused on understanding concepts and spend less time surveying and collecting data. On the other hand, MiC textbooks use activities that real mathematicians would be involved with, such as surveying and analyzing data to compose mathematical concepts.
Classification: U20 K40
Keywords: MiC; statistics; textbooks
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