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Cowboys count, monkeys measure, and princesses problem solve. Building early math skills through storybooks. (English)
Baltimore, MD: Brookes Publishing (ISBN 978-1-59857-106-6/pbk). xiii, 121~p. (2011).
The book is concerned with the question how mathematics can be taught to young children (pre-K to 3rd grade) in a meaningful, interesting way using so-called storybooks. The latter describe “imaginative worlds where fascinating things happen", and they provide the context for developing mathematical questions and problem solving activities. The aim is to enhance children’s mathematical thinking (beyond mere skills) and is therefore well in line with what is propagated by NCTM guidelines. The book describes the storybook approach and where and how to find mathematics rich stories, and gives a variety of examples. It also describes several approaches of how to use storybooks in teaching. In the final chapters, the authors describe how teaching with storybooks addresses curriculum standards, and ‒ in a wider view ‒ how mathematics in texts other than storybooks can be found and used for reasonable mathematics teaching emphasising mathematical thinking, reasoning and problem solving.
Reviewer: Burkhard Alpers (Aalen)
Classification: D31 D32 D41 D42 U61 U62
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