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Teacher-child relationship quality and academic achievement of Chinese American children in immigrant families. (English)
J. Sch. Psychol. 50, No. 4, 535-553 (2012).
Summary: This study examined the cross-sectional relations between teacher-child relationship quality (TCRQ) and math and reading achievement in a socio-economically diverse sample of Chinese American first- and second-grade children in immigrant families $(N=207)$. Teachers completed a questionnaire measuring TCRQ dimensions including closeness, conflict, and intimacy, and children completed a questionnaire measuring overall TCRQ. Standardized tests were used to assess children’s math and reading skills. Analyses were conducted to (a) test the factor structure of measures assessing TCRQ among Chinese American children, (b) examine the associations between teacher- and child-rated TCRQ and children’s academic achievement, controlling for demographic characteristics, and (c) examine the potential role of child gender as a moderator in the relations between TCRQ and achievement. Results indicated that teacher-rated TCRQ warmth was positively associated with Chinese American children’s reading achievement. Two child gender-by-TCRQ interactions were found: (a) teacher-rated TCRQ Conflict was negatively associated with girls’ (but not boys’) math achievement, and (b) child-rated Overall TCRQ was positively associated with boys’ (but not girls’) reading achievement. These findings highlight the valuable role of TCRQ in the academic success of school-aged children in immigrant families.
Classification: C72 C52
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