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Knowledge building and development of professional noticing for the mathematics teaching. What are we learning? (Construcción de conocimiento y desarrollo de una mirada profesional para la práctica de enseñar matemáticas en entornos en línea.) (Spanish. English summary; Portuguese summary; French summary)
Av. Investig. Educ. Mat., No. 2, 53-70 (2012).
Summary: This paper synthesizes in three areas research findings on the construction of knowledge for teaching mathematics in b-learning multimedia environments that integrate social interaction space. These areas are: (i) the role of interaction and meanings negotiation in the construction of knowledge; (ii) the process of instrumentalization of knowledge of mathematics education in training programs, and (iii) the characteristics of argumentative structures in the process of conceptualizing mathematics teaching. Finally, new research questions emerging from these studies are identified.
Classification: C69 U59 B50
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