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A general framework for the performance analysis of calculus’ students in an ICT environment. (Un marco general para el análisis de la actuación de los estudiantes de cálculo en un ambiente computacional.) (Spanish. English summary)
Form. Profr. Investig. Educ. Mat. 7, 101-126 (2005).
Summary: We present a research carried out with a group of six students who participated in a course of calculus in which lecture classes and laboratory practice were combined. We have tried to build a general framework that facilitates the analysis of the performance of the students, when they solve the proposed tasks in the laboratory practice, using the computer algebra system (CAS) Derive. We have chosen the subject of the definite integral and for which we have elaborated a specific utility file (UF). In order to define the analysis framework, we will consider the mathematical and technical aspects and the connections between them. The aim in constructing this general framework is to have an instrument that systematically allows us to examine diverse facets of the work of the students, when they solve problems using information and communications technology (ICT).
Classification: U75 I45 I55
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