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Research and innovation inside mathematics classrooms. An example with curricular diversification program students. (Investigación e innovación en el aula de matemáticas. Un ejemplo en la ESO con alumnos de un programa de diversificación curricular.) (Spanish. English summary)
Form. Profr. Investig. Educ. Mat. 8, 105-134 (2007).
Summary: An experimental study carried out on year 4 students of secondary school is described. They are included in a curricular diversification program and study integers and algebraic expressions using the teaching material known as “algebraic puzzle", as an analogical register. We also show the analysis of the productions of one of the students in the pretest, the postest, diary tasks during the lessons and interviews, in order to study the personal meanings that the student gives to the integer numbers and to the algebraic expressions and to value the sequence of exercises that we propose in the worksheets. This study is part of the research developed by the members of the seminar of mathematical research and innovation for secondary education of the University of La Laguna about the teaching material known as “algebraic puzzle".
Classification: U63 F33 H23
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