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Mathematics lecturing in the digital age. (English)
Int. J. Math. Educ. Sci. Technol. 43, No. 6, 703-716 (2012); corrigendum ibid. 46, No. 3, 480 (2015).
Summary: In this article, we consider the transformation of tertiary mathematics lecture practice. We undertake a focused examination of the related research with two goals in mind. First, we document this research, reviewing the findings of key studies and noting that reflective pieces on individual practice as well as surveys are more prevalent than empirical studies. Second, we investigate issues related to the transformation of lecture practice by the emergence of e-lectures. We discuss the latter in terms of claims about the efficiencies offered by new technologies and contrast these with possible disadvantages in terms of student engagement in a learning community. Overall findings indicate that while survey results appear to trumpet the value of e-lecture provision, empirical study results appear to call that value into question. Two explanatory theoretical frameworks are presented. Issues concerning the instructional context (e.g. the nature of mathematical thinking), inherent complexities and recommendations for implementation are discussed.
Classification: U55 D45
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