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Math remediation for the college bound. How teachers can close the gap, from the basics through algebra. (English)
Lanham, MD: Rowman \& Littlefield Education (ISBN 978-1-61048-366-7/hbk; 978-1-61048-367-4/pbk; 978-1-61048-368-1/ebook). xiv, 283~p. (2012).
From the preface: “This book \dots presents the key elements of an intensive program to close the gaps in math successfully in the shortest possible time” either an intensive summer program or one semester in the freshman year of college. The book should be useful to at least four teaching audiences: 1. college professors teaching remedial math courses 2. high school teachers teaching intensive “catch-up” math courses, such as Algebra II, in a summer session 3. other math professionals teaching preparatory courses for college placement, such as for the scholastic aptitude test 4. math-trained professionals who are engaged in home-schooling efforts. A fifth audience is, of course, students who will be involved in these programs.
Reviewer: Steven C. Althoen (Holly)
Classification: H10 U20
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