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Teacher’s profile and didactics competences: teachers developing a geometric teaching proposal with regard the van Hiele model, a case study. (Competencias didácticas y perfil del profesor: un ejemplo con profesores que desarrollan una propuesta en geometría en términos de van Hiele.) (Spanish. English summary)
Form. Profr. Investig. Educ. Mat. 7, 9-32 (2005).
Summary: We describe the study with one teacher in active service who developed a proposal in geometry in terms of van Hiele. This teacher is analysed from five dimensions: context, geometric cognition, curricular adaptation, didactic cognition and interactions, which will allow us to determine his didactic competences with regard to van Hiele’s teaching and learning model. Finally, we compare, the suitable profile to develop a proposal in geometry based on van Hiele’s reasoning model with the didactic competences of the teacher.
Classification: D40 G40
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