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School mathematics programming based on competence development. An example: numerical quantities in year 2 of secondary education. (La programación por competencias en la clase de matemáticas. Un ejemplo: cantidades numéricas positivas y negativas en $2^{\text o}$ de la ESO.) (Spanish. English summary)
Form. Profr. Investig. Educ. Mat. 10, 135-177 (2010).
Summary: Class plans are basic professional activities for teachers. In the current curriculum of compulsory secondary education, which has opted for the teaching and learning of mathematics based on competence development, class plans acquire a greater professional significance. Here, we present an example of a class plan for integer numbers in the 2nd year of compulsory secondary education, using a didactic material: an algebraic puzzle, which is a self-sufficient semiotic representation for the object of the integer number at this educational level. Programming will be developed in relation to the basic mathematical competence required at this educational level.
Classification: D33 U63
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