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Translating and adapting the mathematical knowledge for teaching (MKT) measures: the cases of Indonesia and Norway. (English)
Math. Enthus. 9, No. 1/2, 149-178 (2012).
Summary: This paper examines issues of translating and adapting an instrument that aims at measuring mathematical knowledge for teaching in Indonesia and Norway. The instrument was created for use in the US, and we discuss problematic and challenging issues of translation and adaptation. Two items from the released items pool were translated using a common framework modified from a previous study to exemplify critical issues that need to be resolved prior to using such instrument in another country. Themes identified in this study include a) minor challenges due to cultural differences; b) the use of technical language in schools; c) incommensurable contexts across countries; and d) the use of mathematical models.
Classification: B50 D20 D60
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