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Teacher-researcher: a brief look at Gabriele Kaiser’s path through mathematical modelling for education. (English)
Blum, Werner (ed.) et al., Mathematikunterricht im Kontext von Realität, Kultur und Lehrerprofessionalität. Festschrift für Gabriele Kaiser. Heidelberg: Springer Spektrum (ISBN 978-3-8348-2388-5/pbk; 978-3-8348-2389-2/ebook). 16-23 (2012).
Summary: In this article, the author expresses, in a synthetic way, ideas and proposals from the German teacher-researcher Gabriele Kaiser about mathematical modelling for education. In order to comprehend her research work, the data was obtained through two approaches: indirect, by means of 6 articles published by her or in co-authorship; and direct, by means of an interview. The essence of the 6 article summaries resides in the recognition of the context in which each research object is inserted and in the appreciation of the interactions and integrations of the facts and the people involved. The points raised suggest how much she has experimented, innovated, contributed to new productions, to new ways of teaching and conceiving modelling. The findings and propositions pointed out in each of these articles, not only provide us with a deeper view of the situation, but also, allow us to redefine the means to adapt them to our educational actions, and mark one more way in our knowledge map.
Classification: A30
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