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Missing learning opportunities in classroom instruction: evidence from an analysis of a well-structured lesson on comparing fractions. (English)
Math. Educ. 11, No. 1-2, 111-126 (2008).
Summary: This paper analyzed a well-structured lesson to examine the opportunities and missing opportunities for students’ learning in terms of developing basic skills and higher-order thinking skills. The instructional activities in the lesson that show a very systematic choice of variation and clear focus, may serve well the goal of teaching a specific basic skill. However, the type of engagement the teacher created in the lesson is less ideal for fostering students’ higher-order thinking skills. While both basic and higher-order thinking skills are important and it is not necessary to sacrifice basic skills for higher-order thinking, nor higher-order thinking for basic skills, this paper calls for research and design classroom instruction to develop both basic skills and higher-order thinking.
Classification: F43 C33 C73 D43
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