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Assessing and documenting student knowledge and progress in early mathematics. (English)
Berenson, Sarah et al., PME-NA-20: 20. annual meeting of the North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education. Proceedings. Vol. 1. ,. 211-224.
Summary: A research-based method of assessing and documenting students’ knowledge in early mathematics is outlined and used to report advancements of 91 first-graders in a Mathematics Recovery implementation involving 15 teachers and 13 elementary schools in North and South Carolina. Participants were selected because of their low attainment on an initial assessment, and were given daily, individualized teaching sessions of 30 minutes’ duration for 10 to 12 weeks, and a final assessment. Project teachers participated in an on-going professional development program. Analysis of videotaped assessments included determination of participants’ advancements in terms of three aspects: (a) early arithmetical strategies; (b) numeral identification; and (c) facility with forward number word sequence. Participants’ advancements are compared with objectives from a relevant state mathematics framework. Sixty-three participants (69\%) exceeded curriculum expectations, five (6\%) met expectations and 23 (25\%) did not. Results are comparable with earlier implementations providing a further strong endorsement of the program.
Classification: C72 D62
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