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Norwegian upper secondary school students’ views of mathematics and images of mathematicians. (English)
Kislenko, Kirsti (ed.), Current state of research on mathematical beliefs XVI. Proceedings of the MAVI-16 (MAthematical VIews) conference, June 26‒29, 2010, Tallinn, Estonia. Tallinn: Tallinn University, Institute of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (ISBN 978-9949-463-79-4/pbk). 120-136 (2011).
Summary: Norwegian upper secondary pupils’ views of mathematics and drawn images of mathematicians are explored in this paper. Earlier research on the image of mathematics is used as a theoretical foundation for the analysis of pupils’ answers. The view of mathematics is mostly linked to numbers and calculations although there are more sophisticated views. The images of mathematicians show an old, lonely man, often a bit strange-looking and rather passive. It seems as if such a profession cannot be attractive for young students.
Classification: C24
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