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Exploring attitude toward statistical graphs among Singapore secondary school students. (English)
Math. Educ. 10, No. 1, 39-58 (2007).
Summary: This study investigated attitude toward statistical graphs among a large sample of Singapore secondary school students ($n=907$) in 2003. Attitude toward statistical graphs (ASG) was defined in terms of five aspects: enjoyment, confidence, usefulness, critical views and learning preferences. These students (13 to 15 years old) completed a questionnaire of attitude toward statistical graphs (QASG). In general, boys and girls held similar neutral to positive views about enjoyment, confidence, and usefulness of statistical graphs, were neutral about critical views aspect about statistical graphs, and preferred the traditional teaching approaches, namely teacher’ s clear explanation and practice. Grade level (S1 to S3) and stream (special, express, normal academic, and normal technical) had statistically significant but small interaction effects on the enjoyment, confidence, and usefulness aspects. Implications for teaching and future research are discussed.
Classification: C23 K43 U73
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