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Johnny’s beliefs about proof. (English)
Kislenko, Kirsti (ed.), Current state of research on mathematical beliefs XVI. Proceedings of the MAVI-16 (MAthematical VIews) conference, June 26‒29, 2010, Tallinn, Estonia. Tallinn: Tallinn University, Institute of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (ISBN 978-9949-463-79-4/pbk). 106-119 (2011).
Summary: We consider beliefs that intervene during the process of proving. At the beginning we reflect on the relationship between beliefs and knowledge. After we outline some examples that show how the process of proving carried out by students may be shaped by their beliefs. In particular, we see that the concept of leading beliefs that we used when studying teachers’ beliefs may be useful also when studying students’ beliefs.
Classification: C20 E50
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