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How students use online instructional resources in a blended instruction introductory engineering graphics course. (English)
J. Geom. Graph. 15, No. 2, 213-223 (2011).
Summary: The faculty at North Carolina State University has made several major revisions to their introductory engineering graphics course over the past few years. In a continuing effort to improve instruction, the researchers have looked at ways that pedagogical innovations could be used to both improve instruction and do so more efficiently with fewer resources. First, the course format has been changed from face-to-face to blended learning. A second revision is that this online content has been moved from open web pages with online assessments in the Blackboard learning management system (LMS) to the Moodle open source LMS. Some of the reasons for moving to Moodle include: providing a vehicle to organize course content in an efficient manner; being able to track student progress through the instructional units; providing students with feedback on their learning through online assessments; and allowing the faculty to provide consistent instruction over all sections of the course. This paper summarizes previous research conducted in the course and presents data from the 2009 fall semester.
Classification: U55 R25
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