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Numeracy in society and environment. (English)
Aust. Math. Teach. 68, No. 1, 16-20 (2012).
Summary: This article describes a project that focuses on how a society and environment unit could develop required numeracy. This is more of an integrated unit organised around a theme rather than a society and environment unit that required specific aspects of numeracy. Suggested data sources for examining students numeracy development included (1) a timeline; (2) a reflective piece of writing that demonstrated students’ understanding of large numbers, developed through considering the number of people who died in the war (data collected from the War Memorial excursion); and (3) a trip planner that contained details of how to go back to either a war site or place of origin (or similar). The numeracy model has enabled a teacher to see connections between the elements that comprise numeracy, and she can see how to embed numeracy in her teaching practice in a meaningful way. As a result of participating in this project, the teacher has come to realise that numeracy involves more than mathematical knowledge and skills. She now appreciates the role of contexts in providing opportunities for students to develop and use mathematics skills and knowledge for a purpose. (ERIC)
Classification: D30
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