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Mathematics education focusing on main social issues. (A educação matemática focalizando questões sociais maiores.) (Portuguese. English summary)
Bolema 25, No. 41, 99-124 (2011).
Summary: Excessive specialization and the fascinating advances of technology and the sciences, particularly of mathematics, cause a false dichotomy between the sciences and technology and the arts and humanities. The survival of civilization is threatened. Clearly, the fragility of the current social organization allows for the exclusion of the larger part of the population from the benefits of progress. We need to revert this scenario, moving into a civilization without inequity, without uncontrolled consumerism and with respect for social and environmental conditions. In this paper, we discuss these issues and we illustrate with some examples how this can be achieved. We discuss the development of mathematics in Brazil, environmental crimes and its prevention through mathematical education, and a proposal for alternative educational models, using as an example the Waldorf educational system.
Classification: C60 D20 A40
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