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Development of knowledge for teaching proportionality in prospective elementary teachers. (Desarrollo del conocimiento para la enseñanza de la proporcionalidad en futuros profesores de primaria.) (Portuguese. English summary)
Bolema 26, No. 42B, 559-588 (2012).
Summary: This paper describes some outcomes of an educational process in a teacher mathematics education context. The main objective of the education process is to develop the mathematical knowledge necessary to teach at the elementary grade-level. This process involves: (a) the proportionality problem resolution, (b) analysis of the problem resolution using an epistemic analysis tool, and (c) prospective assessment of three types of sixth graders’ responses to a proportionality problem. The results point out that the formative process fosters the development of mathematical knowledge for teaching. Finally, some implications for prospective teacher education are discussed.
Classification: B50 D52
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