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The presence of statistics and probability in the prescribed curriculum of mathematics teacher education courses: an analysis of possible disharmony between curriculum guidelines for basic education and pre-service mathematics teacher education. (A presença da estatística e da probabilidade no currículo prescrito de cursos de licenciatura em matemática: uma análise do possível descompasso entre as orientações curriculares para a educação básica e a formação inicial do professor de matemática.) (Portuguese. English summary)
Bolema 24, No. 40, 747-764 (2011).
Summary: This article begins with a brief description of the insertion of statistics and probability in Brazilian curricular guidelines, ranging from themes that are virtually ignored to those that form an almost mandatory block of content. It is pointed out how national curricular guidelines for undergraduate mathematics courses disregard these themes. Pedagogical projects from seven undergraduate mathematics courses are analyzed, including summaries and curricular matrices, in order to investigate how these subjects are presented in these propositions, as well as verifying if there are interdisciplinary connections which involve not only the concern with the mastery of these specific subjects, but also a discussion about their teaching and the prevailing official curricular proposals. It was possible to observe the practical absence of disciplinary connections, both vertical and horizontal, in the courses analyzed, as well as rare attempts to address the presence of statistics and probability in the official curricula of basic education.
Classification: B50 B79 K59 K69 K49 K79
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