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E-learning and Joomla. (English)
Int. J. Technol. Math. Educ. 18, No. 3, 143-148 (2011).
Summary: For many years, university teaching was based mainly on lectures, but critics point out that lecturing is mainly a one-way method of communication that does not involve significant audience participation. Nowadays e-learning has become a distance learning paradigm using information technology as the Internet, intranets, emails and multimedia productions. It is well-known that e-learning presents big advantages compared to classical distance teaching, since it also allows both teachers and students to interact with on-line resources apart from having flexibility of timetable. The present work has been developed by a group of university teachers, during the last eight years, involving 6.000 students. Among the many results, we point out the development of an e-learning environment, with public and private zones (Joomla and Moodle) within the content management. For this purpose a tool (HECACEJ) was created to standardise all the different subjects. Finally, it has been projected a database for collaborative work that allows the creation and classification of online contents.
Classification: U55 D45
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