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Analysis for computer scientists. Foundations, methods, and algorithms. Transl. from the German by Elisabeth Bradley. (English)
Undergraduate Topics in Computer Science. New York, NY: Springer (ISBN 978-0-85729-445-6/pbk; 978-0-85729-446-3/ebook). x, 341~p. (2011).
The book is a translation of the original German version from 2005 (Zbl 1118.26004), with a second edition in 2009 (Zbl 1162.26002). The authors kept the structure of the German text, however they improve the presentation at various places. From the authors’ preface to the English translation: Chapters 1‒8, 10‒12 and 14‒17 are devoted to the basic concepts of analysis, Chapters 9, 13 and 18‒21 are dedicated to important applications and more advanced topics. Appendices A and B collect some tools from vector and matrix algebra, and Appendix C supplies further details, which were deliberately omitted in the main text. The employed software, which is an integral part of the concept, is summarized in Appendix D. Each chapter is preceded by a brief introduction for orientation. The text is enriched by computer experiments which should encourage the reader to actively acquire the subject matter. Finally, every chapter has exercises, half of which are to be solved with the help of computer programs. The book can be used from the first semester on as the main textbook for a course, as a complementary text, or for self-study.
Reviewer: Petr Gurka (Praha)
Classification: I15 P15
Keywords: informatics; MATLAB; Maple
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