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Statistical literacy and adolescent risk. (English)
Pereira-Mendoza, Lionel et al., Proceedings of the fifth international conference on teaching statistics (5. ICOTS). Vol. 1. , (ISBN 90-73592-14-3). 451-457 (1999).
Summary: In the preparation of adolescents to make informed life decisions, programs educate students about the risks associated with many personal behaviours. Topics related to wider social risk are also included in other areas of the school curriculum, such as science, social and environmental studies. There are various aspects of statistical literacy required to understand expressions of risk. Statistical literacy includes an understanding of chance measurement, of the contexts in which risk statements are expressed, and of how statistical relationships might be (mis)used to infer cause-effect relationships or to predict individual outcomes. Related factors may include confidence and understanding of conditional language.
Classification: D30
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