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Finding a voice? Narrating the female self in mathematics. (English)
Educ. Stud. Math. 80, No. 1-2, 171-183 (2012).
Summary: If mathematics is a male domain, where does this leave women who do mathematics? In a world where there is little or no discursive space in which to be female, women who enter in must do identity work in order to achieve what is often an uneasy presence. This paper builds on recent research which suggests that some undergraduate women are however finding new spaces for belonging in the world of mathematics through critical reflection and collective challenge to dominant discourses. Focussing on an analysis of two women’s narratives of their success in mathematics, it explores their multi-voiced accounts of self through the lens of Bakhtin’s dialogism. It discusses the scope of reflexivity in creating new identity spaces in refigured worlds.
Classification: C60 D20
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