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Online study collaboration to improve teachers’ expertise in instructional design in mathematics. (English)
ZDM, Int. J. Math. Educ. 43, No. 6-7, 833-845 (2011).
Summary: Online study collaboration is a recent professional development approach that goes beyond school and regional boundaries and even helps reach rural schools in China. In this study, we focused on a specific online study collaboration program to examine its potential benefits for improving participating teachers’ expertise in instructional design. Data were collected from the online study collaboration organizers and four main participating schools. The results reveal the program’s well-structured process and organization for planning and conducting the online study collaboration. Participating teachers benefited from their sharing and discussions with experts and other teachers. Their instructional designs show many important changes that are aligned with experts’ comments. Selected teachers’ expertise improvement includes their knowledge about the textbook and content, their perspectives about students’ learning and instruction, and their learning of different instructional approaches to engage students in classroom instruction. The use of online study collaboration for improving teachers’ expertise and the study’s limitations are then discussed.
Classification: B50
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