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Maths macchiato analysis. Course in cartoons in differential and integral calculus for pupils and students. Illustrated by Peter Fejes. (Mathe macchiato Analysis. Cartooonkurs Differenzial- und Intergralrechnung für Schüler und Studenten.) 2nd revised ed. (German)
München: Pearson Studium (ISBN 978-3-8689-4027-5/pbk). 219~p. (2010).
This textbook of analysis deals with differentiation, integration and several methods of approximation, mainly based upon differentials. The good ideas to address the reader directly and to start a treatment with a display of its critical points are realized with the help of three comic figures, who are engaged in entertaining and informative discussions. The theoretical parts are illustrated by examples which are treated great detail. The solutions of the exercises can be found on a web site.
Reviewer: Hansueli Hösli (Ittigen)
Classification: U94 U95 I44 I45 I54 I55
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