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Teaching with technology: step back and hand over the cameras! Using digital cameras to facilitate mathematics learning with Young children in K-2 classrooms. (English)
Aust. Prim. Math. Classr. 16, No. 3, 29-32 (2011).
Summary: Digital cameras are now commonplace in many classrooms and in the lives of many children in early childhood centres and primary schools. They are regularly used by adults and teachers for "saving special moments and documenting experiences." The use of previously expensive photographic and recording equipment has often remained in the domain of teachers, who have produced innovative digital products for children to use and for teachers to "facilitate the collection of accurate evidence for assessment purposes." However, more and more teachers of young children in current digitally-equipped classrooms are handing over the cameras to their students, with beneficial results. As well as providing opportunities for learning in art, language, science and physical education, digital cameras are proving to be versatile tools that can be used to facilitate mathematics learning and teaching in K-2 classrooms. In this article, the author provides a few examples where digital cameras can be used as tools in the mathematics classroom. (ERIC)
Classification: U62 D42 U82
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