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The educational website of the Catalan Institute for Statistics. (La web educativa del Instituto de Estadística de Cataluña.) (Spanish. English summary)
Uno 18, No. 59, 18-25 (2012).
Summary: Digital resources such as educational websites are a key tool for promoting statistical culture in a school environment. They are also useful for creating and strengthening a new group of users of official statistics. The Catalan Institute for Statistics (Idescat) has set up its own educational website: \url{http://aprenestadistica.gencat.cat}. It is aimed at secondary teachers and students and features 25 activities with a glossary and helpful animations. Its main characteristic is that it is connected to the Idescat databases, which means it works with real-life, up-to-date data in present-day contexts that young people can relate to.
Classification: K10 K40 U70 R50
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